Summer Breeze

It’s another exciting week as we work round the clock to plan, shoot and launch this week’s new arrivals for you ladies. This collection is all about what we love for casual Summer wear. Think floral playsuits, lace blousons, pleated skorts and an intricate lace shrug. It’s all about cheating and looking relaxed and effortless chic this Summer when in actual fact, so much thought have gone into planning the ideal summer outfit.

We had lots of fun this week with our personal OOTDs. First up is our manufactured Santorini Playsuit in Orange Pink and Blue florals. Love that it looks like a baby doll dress when worn. Measurements run smaller than usual so if you’re advised to size up, unless you’re in between sizes and belong to the lower spectrum, then the usual sizing will fit you well. Shar wears M while I wear L. Our model, Val wears S. Shar brought it along for her trip to Bali and we’re also loving how well a knitted shrug goes with this playsuit as well.



#OOTDs #iwearfashmob


Another two designs up our Bridge label will be our Sonet Lace Blouson in White, Peach and Periwinkle Blue, and a super chic Sydney Pleated Skorts in White, Caramel, Indigo Blue and Black! We wanted pastel tones for the lace blouson cos summer just isn’t right without pastels. The lace details are so gorgeous, plus the eyelet trims adds on a tinge of edge at the sleeve hems too. Light chiffon is used with the body below the lace being fully lined. And the skorts are just superb and fast becoming our next worn-to-death bottom already. We wanted to do so many colours for this piece and had to settle for 4 of the best cos we’re just ecstatic that safari theme is back, hence the caramel colour. White with caramel (or sand as some of you call it) is just the best combination ever, and one of my favourites as well. I send my original piece which is a skirt in and we thought to tweak the inner lining into shorts so that we’ll get a good pair of high waist skorts instead. No regrets there. We wear size M for both the blouson and skorts.

Crochet lace blouseSKORTS

Another of our favourite coming up is our Jadore Lace Pullover in White, Cream and Black. This lovely shrug isn’t under our Bridge label, but it was specially modified and manufactured for us. I fell in love with the lace fabric when I first laid my eyes on it, and knew then that it’ll look awesome as a long sleeve shrug. Was so happy when the supplier agreed to modify it into what we wanted. And here’s to looking effortless chic and laid-back cool. The key is to wear it by letting it hang at the edges of your shoulders for the slouchy chic look.

We had so much fun putting these 3 designs together and separately that we ended up with so many OOTDs daily. Each of us almost worn out all colours of the skorts as well. Really shows how much we love it and how wearable it is!

211215216218221222BLOUSE 3BLOUSE 2162164


More pictures on our dayre accounts if you’re interested for more visuals and what we got up to. Hehe. Meanwhile, here’s our full fashion spread for our Summer Breeze collection. We had so much fun styling and shooting the outfits and we cannot be more thankful to everyone who played a part in this shoot, especially Val who was so game on for anything that was requested for her. Trust me when I say it isn’t easy walking on sand in heels and on slimy algae rocks, much less lie back on them. This girl really continues to amaze us each week and we really cannot be more thankful to have her with us.


We also want to share some other beautiful visuals from our bloggers around in their outfits from us!

Featuring blogger Valerie Wang in our clothing. All visuals courtesy of

The Collector’s Maxi

Ebony Organza Dress in White

Willow Tweed Skirt in Indigo Blue

Blogger Melody wearing Fash Mob in London in our Midnight Dress (on backorders) and Trafalgar Pants!


We will also be releasing extras from backorders for our Waldorf Top in White and Black; another basic that you won’t want to miss! New arrivals have already been flying off our retail racks at KissJane @ Bugis Junction #03-13A and The Showcase @ Raffles Xchange #B1-57 so do head down for more retail therapy!

Stay with us for our launch tomorrow at 11am! <3



Summer Valentine

Summer is in full blast heading into the 3rd week of July and things are heating up for us at well! The last two weeks have been such crazy weeks for us with one of us away and it’s harder when there’s an outdoor shoot to juggle with in between. Nevertheless, it’s always amazing how we manage to pull things through all the time.

This week’s Summer Valentine is one of our personal favourite of all times. Ranging from a timeless monochrome midi dress that screams effortless chic with edge, a basic leatherette shift dress that embodies the minimalist style we are, an off shoulder top in full gorgeous lace that’s all set out to become the next worn-to-death top and a intricate lace playsuit that sets out to combine romance and high street chic. Makes you wonder how we manage all that at times. ^_^

Colosseum Monochrome Midi totally sealed our love for it when we were dead set on making it work. Believe me when we sent this piece to and fro quite a number of times just to perfect the cut. When we finally did it, it was just plain pure joy. A simple yet flattering halter neck line paired with the classic pleated midi skirting. We added cut outs at the waist to make it more intriguing, edgy and more chic. Plus, the cut outs are subtle in front and only glimpses of them show cos they’re more obvious at the sides and the back. Pockets are also added to make the dress more fun to wear. Mad gorgeous and flattering piece that you really don’t want to miss. It’s currently a top seller at our retail racks so pat yourselves at the back for those of you who have already gotten your hands on this darling! P.S. our blogger friends have requested for this dress the moment they laid their eyes on it. *wink wink*

Sizing runs slightly smaller than usual, so you’re encouraged to size up. If you’re usually in between sizes then you may wish to consider sticking to your usual size. For example, I’m a UK 8/10 and usually a regular size M but I have to size up to L for this dress cos of the waist. Shar is a regular UK 8 and she usually wears size M with allowance but she doesn’t have to size up cos being sandwiched between S and M, size M for this dress fits her just right. So do pay more attention to the measurements at our site during launch too.

Head over to our dayre accounts ( and for more photos.


Here’s also a sneak of gorgeous blogger Jessica (tippytapp) looking so stunning in our Colosseum Monochrome Midi!


Just in time for another feature from one of our favourite girls around! Mel is really major love for sending us the photos all the way from London! Loving how she’s rocking our Colosseum Monochrome Midi in the streets of London and looking so glamourous and fabulous in it!

IH5A9519a IH5A9531a IH5A9533a IH5A9603a

It’s been a while since we did a shift dress number and we’ve always have a thing for shift dresses with sleeves. We also came across this really awesome special textured leatherette fabric that is surprisingly quite soft and very different from your usual stiff leather. Hence, the birth of this very flattering and classic Leather Shift Dress that comes in White, Pink and Black! Both of us in size M by the way!


I’ve always love off shoulder designs a lot and had been playing with the idea of a more unique but still wearable piece that can serve as a basic piece in your wardrobes. Hence, the idea of using lace as the main fabric came up. It’s not boring as the usual cotton piece but more intricate, pretty and elegant as well. Plus there’s so many ways to wear our Off Shoulder Lace Top that comes in White and Black. We even made it longer so that you can wear it tucked out over a pair of skinny jeans, shorts or trumpet skirts. Because they’re so easy to wear and match, we kept both colours and no regrets there as the top sets out to be our next worn-to-death tops. Not even a tiny weeny bit. Think flirty, sexy, romantic yet also edgy chic. We also added a hidden thin elastic band at the shoulders so you don’t have to worry if your shoulders are too broad or narrow. Both of us in size M.


We also have our Regent Playsuit that comes in White, Purple and Black to round up the pack. Love the intricate lace details at the top and the sides of the waist, which makes the playsuit more flattering to wear. The lace is purposely not lined at the top for more contrast but don’t worry cos it’s fully lined at the waist. Shar in a size M.


Opportunity came knocking last week when we get a chance to work with one of the most talented photographer who happened to be back in town for a break. Which also explains why our spread for this week is quite different from our usual works. Totally love that I can picture them out of an editorial or magazine. Can’t wait for another collaboration before she flies back again and we couldn’t be more thankful to our dearest friend for linking us up!


We will also be releasing extras from backorders for our Jacques Mesh Dress in all colours of White, Indigo Blue and Black, so don’t miss them! Don’t miss our launch later at 11am! =D



The Insider

We’re back in the comforts of the studio this week with our Insider issue! It’s all oh-glorious-aircon and changing room when we hold our shoots at the studio. By a turn of events, G was down with food poisoning (hope he’s fine now) and Vil took over the reins. To be very honest, I was a tiny bit worried cos we have never seen Vil’s pictures before. But it was proven we had nothing to worry about cos the pictures totally blew us away! Thank you so much Vil and also our dearest Val who totally killed it for us at the shoot from her first pose right at the start!

3 gorgeous manufactured designs this week with an abstract marble print dress, a dreamy plus super mad flattering pleated playsuit and a super chic denim shirt with to-die-for denim washes. Plus we have a really simple yet fuss free neoprene peplum top coming up too.

We get really hyped up when we’re launching more than one Bridge label design and you’ll see us having a field day on our personal instagrams and dayres when we were the outfits out prior to launch date. Lol.

In our marble number, Midnight Dress first. Shar in a size M with the dress fitting her just right and me in the size L for a less clingy fit (got to blame that huge hips of mine). She’s 1.68m tall while I’m standing at 1.65m.


My favourite playsuit of all time, Donna Playsuit that comes in Nude Cream, Pink and Midnight Blue. Even though we did long sleeves, the whole piece is actually really very light and airy to wear cos it’s a full chiffon piece. Very suitable for our climate. Sleeves are also not lined for the extra dreamy look. Love the V-neck and the asymmetrical pleats at the waist that helps to make the waist looks smaller. Mad flattering! Both of us in size M and in two colours each. Shows our love for it really. =)

Shar in the Nude Creme and Midnight Blue.


I love the Pink and the Midnight Blue too. Couldn’t believe at first that I could actually carry the colour Pink cos of my tanned skin tone but surprisingly the moment I put it on, the more in love I am with the Pink. LOVE.


Our favourite girl, Mel also picked out the playsuit in Nude Creme (size XS) for her recent trip to HK. Thank you for the pictures babe!


Summer is incomplete without denim and we’re doing our denim in a basic Denim Shirt in two really stunning washes. One basic Blue that everyone ought to have at least one hanging in their wardrobes and the other more edgy and unique with the distressed Acid Wash. Took the factory a couple of tries to perfect the perfect denim washes and we couldn’t be more pleased with the end results. Both of us in size M as well. Love how you can wear the shirt normally or even as an outerwear like what Shar did.


Also here is Uli rocking our Denim Shirt in Acid Wash with endless edge and style! We have never had so many pictures to choose from and it was so hard to just pick these few, so do head over to her blog for more of her and our shirt at! In case you’re wondering, Uli’s wearing a size XS for reference. =)


A small diversion from here. If you’ve noticed (or maybe not), we’ve stopped using the hashtags #fashmob and #shopfashmob due to them being used for all the wrong reasons on instagram. Outfits and clothes that do not belong to us have our hashtags on them and mainly misused by people selling their own products or even other shops selling their own products. Whatever has happened to individual branding and identity really? We no longer see our own designs with the hashtags and our shoppers’ outfits are just drowned under all the “advertising”. So, we’re calling out to all our shoppers to stop using the two hashtags when you post our outfits. Instead, just hashtag this instead! Both Shar and I, we’ve been using this hashtag for quite a while already so do make our days by joining us if you can! =)


Now, back to the topic. Hee. Time for some of my personal favourites from this set of photographs. Full fashion spread is already up at our Facebook page and site so do head over to show us some likes!


We’ll be releasing extras from backorders for The Collector’s Maxi, Angelo Mesh Top and Ethereal Tux Top so don’t miss any of them as well! All designs have been stocked in at our retail racks at KissJane @ Bugis Junction #03-13A and The Showcase @ Raffles Xchange #B1-57 so do head down for some hands-on retail therapy or to try on the sizing of the clothes from our new launches if you can!

If you want to find out more on our outfits, you can also do so via our instagrams (@rachrx @eshuxia) or our dayres at and

Don’t miss our new collection coming to you ladies tomorrow, Sunday at 11am! Same time, same place! =D




We’re doing sleek and clean lines this week, one of our favourite elements in most of our designs cos we’ve always preferred our basics with flattering lines that will take us through seasons. Our shoot this week took place in one of the most simple location that you can think of, but yet, so unconventional. Simple cos it’s just a car park. Unconventional cos it’s not just any car park.

It’s really amazing how our shoots have brought us to so many different locations in our small country. This one here was recommended by our photographer and we fell in love with the place the moment we set eyes on it. Just how many rundown rustic edgy car parks can you find here? We shot at the highest level we could go and even up at the roof top, and hence, the birth of the name of the collection. Skyscrapers. Cos that just best describes the modern cosmopolitan city that we all live in.

Two manufactured designs this week under our Bridge label. Both so simple and basic, but so different in their own ways. Our Ebony Organza Dress makes use of organza panels at the top front and waist to help flatter our proportions when worn. The use of organza also means a slightly thicker form as compared to the common chiffon mesh used. We wanted something more chic and edgy, hence organza, which is not over the top and doesn’t expose much skin at all. In classic colours of White and Black, we both wear a size M for this very simple but intriguing piece.


Our second manufactured design, Beverly Crochet Shirt is a spin-off of our previously launched Beverly Crochet Dress but in a different fabric and slightly more structured. We love our shirts here at FM and we love to have different varieties to how a basic shirt can be. The use of premium crochet inset here is just so suitable for summer and we requested for the use of the same fabric that tailored shirts used for the casual smart look. Plus, it’s more suitable for our climate here. Me in the White and Shar in the Navy, both wearing size M. There’s also Yellow to round up the trio band of colours and Summer is never complete without the sunshine hues.


We also have a very beautiful monochrome leave printed midi coming up for you. Made of silky polyester, it’s just so soft to touch and comfy to wear. Aoi Midi Skirt. Shar wearing a size M.


Here’s also some outfits put together from our previous collections and a feature of our Kaleidoscope Motif Midi in Red from Jessica of tippytapp.


Shar in our Carnival Bareback Top in Navy and Back Slit Maxi!


I had on our Selfridges Embellished Top in Indigo Blue and Willow Tweed Skirt in Black, both size M. The latter has transformed into a worn-to-death piece in my wardrobe cos it’s just so easy to pair with any tops.


And here’s a little bts from our recent shoot, whereby KY managed to capture Shar taking her OOTD in between our shoots. Lol. Her captions for the photographs have been cracking us up as always.

a bit too faaaaar

Our Skyscrapers fashion spread as seen on our Facebook page as well. Thank you to the team for the really gorgeous pictures!


Backorders are ongoing for our Gayle Maxi Dress in Navy with last few slots left, so hurry if you haven’t secure your slot! For lovers of the same maxi in the Pastel Mint Blue, do rejoice cos we have managed to secure fabric for the Pastel Mint Blue finally after some constant bugging of the factory and fabric supplier! It’s a miss it and you will regret BO, so don’t hesitate any further. The maxi is so gorgeous that it’s worth owning in at least two colours cos they’re just so different on its own. And don’t miss the backorders for our Affinity Playsuit in White and Black either! =)


We will also be releasing extras from backorders for our Notre Dame Lace Dress in Pastel Mint, Pastel Blue and Coral Pink in limited quantity and sizes, so grab them whilst stocks last. All our new arrivals have been stocked in at our retail racks at KissJane @ Bugis Junction #03-13A and The Showcase @ Raffles Xchange #B1-57 so do head down for some hands-on retail therapy!

See you girls at 11am later on this fabulous Sunday!



Summer Fun

Summer has never smelled fresher and more fun, and we’re relinquishing in the lazy sun as the rays of summer hit us bit by bit. We had so much joy and fun shooting this particular collection as we decided to play with a different concept this week. We’re always telling our models to show more attitude, more fierceness and more coyness during our normal shoots, but this shoot, we told Val to bring more happy feelings, more relaxed candid smiles and laughter. All for the fun of Summer, and hence, the name of the collection.

We’ve had so much fun chasing the evening sun, skipping through the meadows (Val skipped and we chased after her) and laughing ourselves silly at each other. We probably appeared as lunatics to the exercising crowd that had stopped to watch us as they take a breather, but we really didn’t care much cos we all love what we do. From our very passionate photographer KY, to our very gung-ho and enthusiastic muse Val, and us, the two sisters behind Fash Mob who believe so much in the brand. Our love and enthusiasm for what we do will never run low.

And this is what happens when your model decides to turn the tables around and imitate the photographer who was chasing her tail with her dslr while she skipped and pranced around the fields. LOL.


Ever since our favourite blogger Melody posted a snippet of her in our upcoming Gayle Maxi Dress in Pastel Mint Blue last week, we’ve been asked with questions on this really gorgeous piece and when it’ll be launched. And hurray, the answer is here as we’ve been baiting our shoppers with bits and bits of the maxi. Coming up in Pastel Pink, Pastel Mint Blue and Navy from size XS to L, our Gayle Maxi Dress is really a must-have and must-own in your wardrobe this Summer. And we’re glad our friends and shoppers at retail racks agree with us on this. It’s so hard not to love this piece with the pretty floral print and the added side slits on full circle skirting. You know you’re on the right track when your model walks away wearing it right after shoot for her date. Hehe. Some of our OOTDs here in this fabulous number! Me and Shar in size M, while the gorgeous bloggers wear a size XS! Lots of twirling going on from hereof, you’ve been warned! Hee!


Pictures from


Picture courtesy of Jessica from in advance

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Beautiful designs always stay on our minds and our previously launched Affinity Lace Dress is one of them. The design was so well received last year that we’ve been wanting to modify the design into something else. We decided on a playsuit in the end cos a playsuit is fun, flirty and so wearable. A few tweaks with the sizing and cut cos the former ran small for the dress. We kept the pretty and intricate lace and back details, gave it a style check and here it is, all so ready this Summer! In a new colour update as well, with White, Coral Pink and Black! Sizing runs normal for our Affinity Playsuit, both Shar and I wear size M. You know how much we love it, especially when the little sister insists on wearing two colours out. It’s so mad flattering that you’ll think that you’ve dropped one size, we swear! Best thing of all, you don’t need a nubra to wear this piece. A nude normal bra will do or a black one for the playsuit in black. Just how great is that!


A peek-a-boo top is great for Summer especially when we’re under the hot and humid climate most of the time. It’s really the best time to bare that sexy back of yours and flaunt it while we still can. We chose a small abstract floral chiffon fabric for Carnival Bareback Top that looks simple in front, but breathtaking at the back. We kept all the good stuff behind with the curved exposed back at the middle and a knotted twist at the bottom back hem. It’s flirty and sexy done with taste and style. It’s so easy to wear over denim, shorts, jeans, tucked in or out. Fuss free. For the more conservative you or for a more office look, fret not, cos you can just wear an inner tube underneath like I did. The top is made of double layered chiffon and is so light and breezy to wear that the inner piece wouldn’t even give you extra heat. Melody in a size XS in the Berry and me in a size M in the White. Comes in Navy as well to round up the colours!


Pictures courtesy of Melody from


For more pictures and our personal thoughts, do follow us at our personal instagram (@rachrx and @eshuxia) and dayre accounts at and =)

And here’s our favourites from our SUMMER FUN spread, photographed by our dearest KY, made possible only by our girl, Val. ^_^


We will also be opening backorder for our Selfridges Top in White from our last launch, so don’t miss it as well.


Meanwhile, if you still haven’t check out our retail racks, do head down to KissJane @ Bugis Junction #03-13A and The Showcase @ Raffles Xchange #B1-57 for some hands-on retail therapy. New arrivals will be stocked in from every Monday evening so it’s a prelude to what’s coming up for our next launch.

Enjoy this Summer ride with us ladies at 11am and have a fabulous weekend!



Uncut Edges

Helloooo everyone!

It’s been such a fantastic week so far! We’ve prepared for this launch for quite a while already and it’s such great satisfaction to see the designs churned out better than expected and to launch these designs for you ladies this week! So many gorgeous pieces and so hard to choose! Our solution? Don’t think, just buy! Hee! Cos these are designs that can carry you through seasons!

Some OOTDs here to share with you all in 4 of our manufactured upcoming designs! Yep, we have 4 Bridge label designs for you all this week!

A gorgeous jewel embellished embossed fabric in the forms of a shift dress and a boxy top; Selfridges Embellished Dress and Selfridges Embellished Top in White, Indigo Blue and Black! Why limit ourselves to just one design and deprive ourselves from another when the details and fabric are so gorgeous!

Shar wearing a size M here! The fabric is really stretchable for this piece but we will still advise you to stick to your usual sizing so that it’s a more comfortable fit and not too clingy! Wish I had the time to wear the White/Black out but our work trip has prevented me from doing so!


I paired the top version in White in a size M here with an upcoming tweed mermaid skirt (size M) in Black which will be launched on Sunday too! Love this so much that we’re keeping all 3 colours!


The sister chose to wear the Black version (size M) out and paired it with our Polygon Skorts in White! Love the monochrome look and the tote bag that she’s carrying? It’s coming up in this launch too!


We’re also riding high on the ripped boyfriend jeans waves by having our very own manufactured Distressed Boyfriend Jeans in Light and Dark Wash! So much workmanship and details went into perfecting the cut, denim wash and distressed ripped details! I wanted a pair of ripped jeans that were not too revealing with the holes at the thighs and legs so we had the rips made more dense and close together so that you can hardly see any skin under! The end results had us all falling madly in love with it! You can tell how much we both love it when you see us both wearing both colours out! Haha!

Shar wearing size M and matching the jeans with a floral top and a basic sleeved crop top for different looks!


I love white with denim and it’s a combination that will never fade. Hence, my choice of two different white tops with the jeans! The first in our previously launched Adele Crochet Top in White and the second in a basic white tee! Wearing a size L for the jeans cos I have really huge hips and the denim fabric isn’t really that stretchable (very very slight stretch only).


We’ve missed Maxi Skirts for quite a while already and was so happy to know that our Star Crossed Maxi Skirt could make it in time for this launch! It’s a very special twill wool printed cotton-polyester fabric that is slightly thicker than usual and we love it cos the weight adds on to the structure of the pleated skirting! We added side pockets too to make it more casual smart! Shar wore a basic white crop tee out with it while I had on our previously launched and worn-to-death Maddox Top in White! Both in size M!


You can see more on our outfits and outings at our dayre and instagram accounts, both @rachrx and @eshuxia! Some behind-the-scenes at our shoot last week! ^_^

btsbts 2

And behind every glamourous photo and back, there are always slippers and lots of things to carry around! LOL!


Our UNCUT EDGES fashion spread here or you can preview them at our Facebook page here! =)


New arrivals have all been stocked in at our retail racks at KissJane @ Bugis Junction #03-13A and The Showcase @ Raffles Xchange #B1-57, so do head over to try them now! Meanwhile, kindly note that as we are still facing problems with our email server, you may not be receiving system generated invoices and emails fem us. As such, do login to your account with us at our site and view a copy of your invoice via “My Orders” page. You will also be able to check on the status of your order! =)

Also that registered mails are always highly recommended and encouraged to prevent lost mails!

This Sunday at 11am! Don’t miss all the goodies!



Summer Coast

Hellooooo! Hope all of your week has been great so far cos we’re feeling extra great this week for our upcoming launch!

We have two manufactured designs under our BRIDGE label this week for you ladies! And we’re very proud of these two beauties!

Beverly Crochet Dress in White, Pink and Black, and Jubilee Midi Dress in White and Pastel Blue! We’ve been receiving so many love calls this week for these two designs and we can’t wait to share them with you all!

A full light weight and flowy chiffon sleeved piece with a gorgeous and intricate lace crochet inset details down the middle front! With a very flattering A-line cut, you really can’t go any wrong with this beautiful crochet dress! Here’s mine and Shar’s OOTD in the White and Black respectively! Both in size M!

787980Lace dress1LACE DRESS2

Riding on the midi trend (that is not going to end by the way), we knew we had to do a midi dress number when I set my eyes on this very special, gorgeous and premium fabric! It’s a cross between organza and polyester with very intricate and gorgeous motif embroidery across the entire fabric! What I love about the embroidery details is that it’s very subtle but still outstanding enough on the fabric itself! Add on the ever flattering sweetheart bustier line and a pleated skirting, we present to you our Jubilee Midi Dress in White and Pastel Blue!

Sizing runs a little small at the PTP so if you’re in between sizes or prefer a more comfortable cut, we’ll advise you to size up and go for a size bigger! Shar is usually in between size S and M, UK 8 and wears size M for this piece! I’m a UK 8-10 and have to size up to size L for this dress! We took so many pictures so for more, head over to our instagram (@rachrx and @eshuxia) and dayre ( for more!


We’re also bringing in something a little different and out of the box for you ladies this week with our Casa Floral Boyfriend Jeans! We both love it so much that we both wore it out too! Think boyfriend jeans with a twist! And the abstract florals on the denim are just so surprisingly easy to wear and match cos of the basic colours used! Love it so much! As the fabric is very stretchable for the jeans, do size down if you’re in between sizes! If you wish to wear it slightly more baggy or low waisted then stick to your usual sizing! With the boyfriend jeans, any ways of wearing and styling it will work! Just remember to cuff the bottom up for the effortless chic look! Both of us in size M!


And here’s our lookbook which you can view at our Facebook page here as well!


And in case you’ve not heard, our Summer Sale was back earlier this week with more items added on to our sale section HERE! Grab our past items at up to 70% off if you haven’t!


New arrivals have been stocked in at our retail racks at KissJane @ Bugis #03-13A and The Showcase @ Raffles Xchange #B1-57 so do head down to try the new arrivals on if you’re unsure about the sizing or can’t wait to purchase it first! We’ll be stocking in our racks with new arrivals from Monday onwards instead of the usual Thursdays so more shopping for you ladies!

Do remember to opt for registered postage to prevent lost and delayed mails! We can’t seem to emphasise on this enough but do bear with us as we repeat this again! Hee! Stay with us for our launch this Sunday at 11am! ^_^


Signing off with a selfie from the both of us! <3<3<3




This week at FM, it’s all about shape shifters, not for the mythical meaning but more of the literal take on how different shapes help to flatter our bodies and silhouettes when worn.

One of our favourite design under our manufactured label this week, our Shapeshifters Dress that comes in White, Indigo Blue and Forest! We spent so much time in perfecting the cut and colours of this dress, and we’re very proud of the end product! Here’s a flat lay that we did for the White!


The curved panels at the waist both front and back help to create the illusion of a slimmer waist and hips when worn. Mad mad mad flattering to wear! And the colour blocking helps in the slimmer cut as well! Not only is it chic, sophisticated and edgy, it’s something that is timeless to keep and wear! All 3 colours have been flying off our retail racks when we stocked the dresses in on the first day, so do head down to our retail racks to try the dress if you haven’t had the chance to! Hee!

Sharing our OOTDs for the past week starting with Shar in the Shapeshifters Dress in White, size M!


Meanwhile I chose to wear the Indigo Blue base out, in a size M! ^_^


We also have a very gorgeous upcoming skorts for you ladies, the cut is so mad flattering and gorgeous that we shamelessly are keeping all 4 colours of it with no guilt at all! A good pair of bottom is hard to come by, and this is skorts we’re talking about, since we love skorts more than shorts! Lol! Can’t wait to wear the Forest one soon too!

Both of us in size M! I chose to pair the Indigo Blue with our Angelo Mesh Top in Black (currently on backorder) and the White with our Hanami Shirt in Black, while Shar paired hers with a simple printed tank from Zara!


Here’s also an outfit featuring our Angelo Mesh Top in Black with our Kaleidoscope Motif Midi in Red which I love so much for the vibrant print and colours!


Here’s our SHAPSHIFTERS cookbook now available at our Facebook page as well!


Meanwhile, don’t miss our ongoing new backorders for The Collector’s Maxi and our Waldorf Top in White, Peach Pink and Black! BO was not available for the Peach Pink previously so if you’ve missed it during the first round of sale, here’s one last chance to grab it! BO for The Collector’s Maxi also almost didn’t go through cos of the lack of fabric, but luckily we’ve managed to print a new batch for the BO! Phew!


We have previously opened backorder for our Ethereal Tux Top in Midnight Blue and have received several response for another backorder for the Black as well, so here you go girls, BO will be available for the Black as well during launch! It’ll the the last batch of backorders for both the Midnight Blue and Black so it’s your very last chance to grab this awesome top! =D


Meanwhile, we will also be releasing extras from backorder for our Porcelain Top in White! Very limited slots will be available due to calls from our retail racks to restock this darling as well! So if you’ve missed this very gorgeous top previously, now’s the chance to grab it still!


See you girls at 11am at the launch! <3<3<3



Summer Motifs

As we watch Spring coming to an end with Summer approaching us faster than we know, we’re presenting different patterns and fabrics to you ladies in our upcoming launch. After all, this is the best season to wear and play with prints and textures!

The different patterns nailed it for us this week with the most gorgeous prints we have ever came across. Think cherry blossoms and other motifs on a soft silk shirt. Kaleidoscopic florals that seem so magical yet chic. Florals taking on a more abstract form this Summer. And different textures on an upcoming breathtaking maxi dress for example to sashay down the streets or beach with side splits for you to flaunt those killer legs of yours.

Because half of us has been away this week with the remaining half to hold the fort, we only manage two personal outfits this week. Time is slipping away real fast before we know it.

I always have a thing for smart collared shirts and endless love for a good print when I see one. It’s endless love for our manufactured Hanami Silk Shirt that comes in White Cream and White Black. The colours reflecting the different base hues. It was a struggle to choose between both colours. White Cream is so dreamy and magical while White Black is everything that I love about edgy and outstanding, plus the colour grows on us every time we look its way. In the end, I grabbed the White Cream in a hurry after a hectic shoot day and paired it with a basic pair of high waist shorts. The print speaks for itself so staples for bottoms will do! Wearing a size M and loving how comfortable and cooling the silk shirt is!


Shar has endless and countless love for Midi Skirts and no, the tide is not over yet. In fact, far from it. We love a special good pattern when we see one and Shar specially handpicked this very gorgeous and whimsical kaleidoscopic florals for this manufactured Midi! Since she handpicked it, she got the honours of wearing it out first. Haha. It’s a common and basic understanding that if you go printed at the bottom, you stay solid on top, and vice versa. Love how a simple white cut in top is able to do such wonders to the entire outfit when matched with our Kaleidoscopic Motif Midi that is coming up in Blue and Red. Shar’s wearing a size M for the Midi. Love how she inject her own style with the touch of loafers.


Another one of our favourites from this upcoming collection, The Collector’s Maxi that boasts two subtly sexy side slits at the skirting. The side slits make it so chic and edgy and we love that we can swirl around in this maxi the whole day. Everyone in the team loved it and so did Mel when she packed it along for her trip to Japan. She got us so excited with the pictures she sent us and we can totally feel her excitement and happiness when she was twirling round in the dress in Japan. So many stunning pictures to choose from and always so thoughtful! Time to flaunt those legs of yours girls! *winks*

Photos credits to Melody!


On to our editorial spread for our SUMMER MOTIFS collection! Love love love how stunning Val looks in all the pictures!


Backorders for our Angelo Mesh Top in White, Peach Pink and Black are ongoing so don’t miss out on them again! We’re also bringing back another round of backorder for our hot seller, Ethereal Tux Top in Midnight Blue due to popular demand! Secure your piece here if you haven’t done so for our backorders!

Designs from this upcoming collection have already been stocked in at our retail racks at KissJane @ Bugis Junction #03-13A and The Showcase @ Raffles Xchange #B1-57! The last we heard, these designs are bringing in major love from our retail shoppers, so hurry down for your share if you haven’t! In case you haven’t heard, new arrivals are always in from every Thursday evenings onwards at both racks!


Have a fab fab Sunday with us! <3


Keys to Summer!

It’s a very exhilarating week for us this week, one filled with adrenaline rush! We were so excited to shoot the upcoming pieces for this week’s collection and we can’t wait to launch them faster!

We’ve got almost everything you need covered for you ladies in this upcoming launch, one of our bigger collection of recent times! And all fully manufactured under our Bridge label!

A very chic and flattering swing dress? Check!
Basic sleeve top with mesh panel? Check!
Two ultra gorgeous silk tops with even more gorgeous prints? Double checks!
A timeless monochromatic printed pair of flattering trousers? Check!
Leatherette origami flap skirt? Check!

From basic wear to pastel palettes, abstract printed fabrics and flattering cuts! From the streets to the workplace boardrooms, dinner dates, formal functions and to weekends out! We’ve got it all covered in our KEYS TO SUMMER collection!

Shar and I had so much fun planning our outfits this week cos there is just so much to wear and not enough days in the week! Haha! Still, let us share what we’ve managed to put together with you ladies!

It’s so hard to just have one or two favourites from this collection but our Bradshaw Swing Dress had us on a high for the entire week! It may be hard to imagine what this simple basic looking dress can bring just by looking at it on the hangers but the moment you put it on, you’ll see what we see! A dress that is so versatile to play with the different kinds of style!

Shar does what she always does best with edgy and casual smart by pairing it with a pair of leather loafers! In size M for the dress for Sky Blue and Mustard!


To be honest, she did wanted to wear the Red out, but Red is one colour that I won’t budge and just have to wear it out first. HA! We both love this shade of red soooo much! In size M too!


Because I had my first share of the swing dress in Red, I gave in for our upcoming Trafalgar Pants (size M) since we only have it in a monochrome shade. Lol. Also seen on Shar here is one of my personal favourite piece, Angelo Mesh Top in Black (size M)! It’s the new staple to own and we have it in 4 different shades for you girls! You can’t just settle with only one colour for such a fab top you know! *winks* We’ve already settled with all 4 colours in our wardrobe! Hehe!


We’re also bringing you a luxurious silk top this week that comes in not one but two gorgeous prints! The two prints cannot be more different and exude different styles and vibes! They are just so comfortable to wear too! In size M for the silk tops too!


I chose to pair one of the silk tops with an upcoming leatherette origami flap skirt and was secretly pleased with how two different fabrics can go so well together! We added an additional safety feature to the lower flap so that we wouldn’t expose ourselves when sitting down in the skirt! The skirt can be worn high, mid or low waist. If you wish to wear it high or mid waist, stick to the waist measurements stated. If you prefer to wear it lower to the hips, then go for a size bigger. Works both ways! Wearing it high waist here!


And here’s our very gorgeous spread from our lookbook! Our model, Val just looks so gorgeous here! Wish we had some behind the scenes though cos we were all having difficulties keeping a straight face throughout the shoot, especially Val! LOL! We’ll be launching on Sunday at 11am as always!

MAIN COVER MAILER020304050607080910111213

All the new arrivals are already stocked in at our retail racks at KissJane @ Bugis Junctions #03-13A and The Showcase @ Raffles Xchange #B1-57 so do head down for more retail therapy this Sunday!

Fab fab Sunday everyone! <3<3<3