Suit Up

We’re officially moving into Fall and what better time to suit up and get ready for a shift in dimensions when it comes to fabrics, textures and colours. Fall is no longer boring and dull but subtle femininity.

It’s all about modern dressing and conquering different look with a staple in your wardrobe with our manufactured Coleman Peplum Blazer this week. Available in White, Rust Brick and Black, the tailored suit blazer has never looked more sleek and sophisticated. The peplum cut belted waist helps create a slim and mad flattering silhouette that we’ve been dreaming of. It’s bringing corporate wear to a whole chic level and we love how you can play with so many looks with just one blazer. It’s all about versatility.


Here’s our personal take on the blazer, both in a size M. I love that the blazer flares out after the waist and allows me to pair it with a basic pleated tulip skirt (look out for it in our future launch in 6 colours). Plus I’ve always had this fascination with printed tees and blazers which had me picking out one to wear underneath.


Shar being the more edgy one prefers her blazer over a pair of high waist shorts coupled with a printed inner tee and black loafers.


Another intricate piece down our manufacturing line; Whistle Lace Dress in White, Powder Blue and Black. So much details and workmanship went into a seemingly innocent dress but the use of two different lace and eyelet details plus the complicated paneling details front and back almost drove the factory to edge. The final end product is perfected with a mad flattering cut and we cannot help but sighed in relief after the numerous samples.


Shar in the White, size M with a polished edgy touch with the black leather loafers and clutch.


I went for the Powder Blue (as I get secretly amazed by how the colour has grown on my more tanned skin) in size M and completed my look with a tote and a pair of nude wedges. Do refer to our launch for the true colour cos the sun was too harsh on my dress resulting in over-exposure in lighting.


We love our denim and pencil skirts over here at FM and, hence, one of our most flattering skirts to-date with our Denim Pencil Skirt. Coming up in acid washed denim in two shades of Light and Dark Wash. You cannot imagine how slim the skirt makes you look until you pull it on. The thick fabric helps keep all unsightly love handles or side hip bulges in snugly underneath. Plus denim is timeless and always trending.


And here’s my penchant for White on Denim where I pulled on our previously launched Oversized Shirt and tucked it in beneath the skirt. Slip on a pair of heels or wedges for the added height and a slimmer silhouette. Wearing a size M.


Last but not least, our Karen Top in White, Peach, Lilac and Black to round up the collection with its super wearable basic boxy cut.


For more read ups on our personal days and outfits, head over to and for more details. Or you can also follow us on our instagram (@rachrx and @eshuxia) platforms for more on the move.

Extras from backorders for our Parsons Shift Dress in Blue and Black will be released at launch as well. Meanwhile, backorder for our Meyer Dress in Navy is now running at our site. Join and secure a slot if you haven’t cos you won’t regret bagging home a basic drop waist dress.


Don’t miss new arrivals from our Sunday launch later at 11am.



Changing Tides

Titled Changing Tides as we’re seeing a move in seasons pretty soon with September coming to a close. Lucky for us all, it’s pretty much summer throughout the year here but it works in our way as we get to get the best of all worlds with remains of summer and the upcoming fall trends.

It’s all about playing with different patterns and fabrics this upcoming collection. We’re talking about luxurious smooth satin, mixture of prints and colours, patterned chiffon coming alive and motif textures, etc. This is a full manufactured line by the way and we cannot be more proud to share that with our ladies.

First up, our Pandora Maxi that comes in the most gorgeous mix of prints ever. Think abstract grids with florals on a mad flattering neckline and our favourite side slit at the skirting. Need I say more? Our girls all nod their heads in approval for this darling and scored their personal piece home. So have the girls who cannot wait to get their hands on this darling by purchasing it off our retail racks. We cannot be more thankful, really. Here’s our take on the maxi, both in size M. The fabric is only very slightly stretchable and if you prefer more breathing space, go for a size bigger. If not, just stick to your usual sizing.


Here’s also Melody’s take on the maxi, looking so stunning and perfect in it for a wedding dinner. She’s wearing a size XS for reference.

Photo 20-9-14 6 29 17 pmPhoto 20-9-14 6 29 30 pmPhoto 20-9-14 6 31 04 pmPhoto 20-9-14 6 30 55 pm

Next up, our Windsor Dress is another floral number so different and gorgeous on its own. The faux asymmetrical dipped hem flap on top creates a flowy and whimsical feel that made us fall in love with it. There’s really nothing not to love about the slight A-line cut of the dress, the florals and the colours of the dress. Wearing a size M here.


We love our playsuits over at Fash Mob and it’s another play with fabric with our Karen Paneled Playsuit in White, Peach, Lilac and Black. The fabric is absolutely premium and intricate for this playsuit as we have patterned textures on the main chiffon fabric. And this pattern actually brings the playsuit alive by creating a 3D-like effect with the texture. So unique and intriguing, plus the cut is awesome with the paneling at the top bust line with sheer sleeves. Both of us in size M.


Another one of our favourites this week with our Packham Top that comes in White, Light Pink, Lilac and Navy. No details were scrimped on this piece and with a premium full crochet, lace, eyelet and pleated top like this, you can expect the quality and workmanship to be awesome and fab. It’s worth every single cent for this piece cos really, too much work and details went into this piece and we were not willing to give up any of the very gorgeous details. You can wear it tucked in over any high waist bottom, or choose to tighten the hem of the waist with the drawstring ribbon for a cropped look over your skinny jeans or denim shorts. Both of us in size M.


Last but not least, our Sander Pleated Skirt that comes in one of the most beautiful and unique embossed textured fabric with daisies motifs on it. In colours of Pink, Tiffany Mint and Blue, the skirt includes side pockets as well for the fun factor. The skirt is so wearable and practically any top goes well over it. Here’s Shar in the Blue in size M.


And here’s some of my favourite shots from our Changing Tides spread. You can also head over to our Facebook page for the full spread here.


New arrivals are all available at our retail racks at KissJane (Bugis & Citylink), The Showcase (Raffles Xchange) and Miyoc (Orchard Gateway) so do head down for more retail therapy if you can. Meanwhile, kindly note that we will be away for a work trip from 23rd Sep to 26th Sep. Hence all payments will have to be received by 12pm on Monday, 22nd Sep for your orders to be mailed out on the same day. Any other payments made after 12pm will be mailed when we return on 29th Sep. We seek your patience and thank you for your understanding in this as we work to bring in more new and exciting upcoming designs for you ladies.

Stay tuned for our launch later at 11am!



Walk the Line

A full manufactured collection this week with our Walk the Line fashion speed. All wearable basics with gorgeous asymmetrical prints and unique fabrics.

First up is our Kira Dress and Kira Midi Skirt that comes in one of the most gorgeous asymmetrical abstract florals ever. We had the print specially printed on the dress and decided that it’ll look pretty awesome on a midi pencil skirt as well. We weren’t wrong as both pieces brought us from Singapore to Seoul and from classic sophistication to edgy chic and funky. The fabric used is jersey elastane blend and is quite stretchable. Both Shar and I wore size M for both items.


We have our very first manufactured drop waist dress coming up in a special embossed textured fabric which we love. The cut of the dress is mad flattering with an A-line skirting and the dress is just too easy to wear. Available in White, Dusty Pink and Navy. Here’s Shar in the Dusty Pink and me in Navy, both size M.


Last but not least, our September Playsuit that is coming up in White, Navy and Black with one of the most intricate netted lace fabric used for the top part of the bodice and the sleeves. It’s so high street chic, edgy and suitable for weekends out. Plus, we added side pockets for the extra fun factor. Mad love! Both of us in size M.


Here’s my favourite shots from our fashion spread this week!


We will also be releasing limited extras from backorders for our Colosseum Monochrome Midi, so don’t miss it too! All coming to you tomorrow, Sunday at 11am as always!



Summer High

Try on different silhouettes this week as we prepare three manufactured designs for you ladies.

First up, our Studio Slit Dress in Cream, Navy and Black, is all about subtle details. Small triangle cut-outs at the waist that will not threaten to show any unsightly tummy bulge when we sit or overeat. And a gorgeous long back slit for the extra flirty and sexy element. It’s a basic piece that is extremely versatile for different styling.

Here’s both our OOTDs in a size M. We love it so much that we brought two out of three colours to Seoul to wear previously and I had so much fun wearing it differently by pulling on an oversized shirt over it.


Next up, our Royalty Embroidery Playsuit is another number to fall in love with. In three different gorgeous sets of colours; White base with blue embroidery, Pink base with white embroidery and Black base with gold embroidery. Each set exudes a different style and vibe and we especially love the asymmetrical intricate embroidery details. Think classic yet edgy with White, sweet and flirty with Pink, and timeless with Black. And we love how it looks like a dress when worn too, when in actual fact, it’s a playsuit. Plus we added side pockets as well, which is a major plus point. Hee. Measurements run slightly smaller for this design so do pay extra attention to the measurements at launch. For reference, our model Val (regular uk 6) wears size S, Shar (regular uk 8) wears M and I (uk 8/10) wear size L.


If you’re familiar with our previously launched Anglican Peplum Top and Anglican Playsuit, you will be ecstatic to know that the sleek square cut neck line is now back in the form of our Anglican Dress. With a basic full circle skater skirting, it’s a dress that anyone can wear and twirl away in. It’s classic, sophisticated, minimalist chic and timeless. Suitable for any occasions too. In four colours of White, Indigo Blue, Fuchsia and Black. Wearing a size M here.


We also have a Knitted Pleated Midi skirt coming up in pretty hues of Champagne Creme, Lavender Pink and Navy. It’s extremely soft and comfortable to wear. Plus how to say no to such lovely colours in woollen pleated knit. Sizing runs big for this piece as it’s very stretchable. Our model, Val wears an altered size XS and Shar wears XS too.


On to the gorgeous set of photos from our photog, KY! She’s one of the most talented and committed young photographers we have ever worked with! And her photography is just so awesome cos she’s especially good with capturing great angles! Give her a holler at if you wish to capture wonderful moments down with your loved ones!


To add on to some fantastic news, we are newly housed in at KissJane @ Citylink #B1-39 with our upcoming designs and yet-to-be-launched new designs! So do head down for more retail therapy from us!

Don’t miss our SUMMER HIGH collection tomorrow at 11am as always! <3



Breaking Walls

It’s all about details this week at FM as we bring the focus onto basic cut-in dress, pencil skirts, sleeved playsuit and top with intricate details such as a textured embossed fabric with shimmery wavy hemline embroidery, full premium crochet fabric that is so soft and comfortable and floral motif print.

First up under our Bridge label this week, our Blake Embossed Dress in White, Peach Pink and Black. Cutting is awesome for this dress and so suitable for functions/events. Shar wearing a size M and me in a size L for a more comfortable fit around the hips.


Next up our manufacturing label is a floral playsuit with a mad flattering basic cut. Our Hamptons Playsuit comes in one of the most gorgeous florals ever and each colour set comes with different colour hues for the florals. In Cream, Navy and Black. Both of us in size M.


Third in line under our Bridge label is our very gorgeous Jude Crochet Skirt in White, Powder Blue and Black. The crochet used is so soft and luxurious and we’re so loving the uneven hem that adds spunk and edge to the skirt. Both of us in size M for the skirt. We love the skirt so much that we packed them with us to our recent trip to Seoul. More pictures can be found at our personal dayre accounts ( and and instagrams (@rachrx @eshuxia).


To end off the upcoming designs, we also have the same textured shimmery embroidery wavy hem line in the form of a top this week! In colours of White, Peach Pink and Black. It’s so easy to wear, especially over any high waist bottoms. Here’s Shar in the White in size M.


Here’s the gorgeous photographs from this week’s editorial spread. KY has really outdone herself and we’re so in love with the pictures that we can hardly pick a favourite.


And here’s a BTS shot of Val, so aptly named by KY as “Why we loved Val”. Lol!

why we love val

New arrivals will be in later at 11am! Don’t miss them! ^_^



Print Play

We’re dealing with an array of prints galore this week with abstracts taking over by storm. Abstract prints are the easiest to wear due to their non-structural form which makes it appears artistic and more wearable.

First up, an abstract marble print in the form of a shift dress and our previously launched Symmetry Skirt. Ready fabric was available in Black and we thought, why waste this gorgeous print on only one colour tone. Hence, we requested for the print to be printed in Blue as well and the after result is just drop dead gorgeous. So here’s our Parsons Shift Dress and Parsons Symmetry Skirt in blue and black. We decided to make the dress more shift and less hugging at the hips. Shar and I are both wearing size M for the dress.


We also decided to do away with the elastic band of our previous symmetry skirt and add a concealed side zip instead for easy wearing. I’m wearing a size L for a more comfortable fit while Shar is wearing a size M. I’m also wearing the skirt with another of our upcoming manufactured item, Sandy Embossed Top in White (wearing size M). Comes in Black as well. We decided to give the basic sleeved top a twist by adding silver embossed details at the sleeves. Was so so pleased with the sample when this came out cos I was pleasantly surprised by how the top exceeded by expectations.


Playsuits are essentials for summer and our upcoming Rio Playsuit is everything the name suggests. Think vibrance, fun, playfulness, effortless chic and the ultimate summer getaway. Love the abstract splattered florals on it and how the two colour combinations are so different from each other. We especially love the wide slight V-back details and not to worry, a normal tube bra can still be worn underneath. We had so much fun wearing each colour and strutting down the streets in Seoul. Both of us in size M. Plus, we added side pockets as well. Love pockets on playsuits!


Here’s also our favourite girl Melody (@melodyyap) looking so stunning in the orange yellow hues in size XS!


More OOTDs to share from our blogger girls! We’re loving how Melody also rocked our simple Hansel Striped Dress in size XS in Navy with her getup! Pictures courtesy of!


Here’s also blogger Valerie Wang looking so effortless chic in our Hansel Striped Dress too, but in Black, size XS! Pictures courtesy of!


Valerie was also spotted rocking our minimalist chic in our Camille Leather Dress in Black size XS!


Uli from also spotted looking stunning and edgy in our Camille Leather Dress in Black size XS!


Last but not least, I’m sharing this OOTD again for our Gayle Maxi Dress in Pastel Mint Blue as we’ll be releasing extras from backorders during the launch later as well. You really don’t want to miss this very gorgeous maxi dress again.


On to full sneaks for tomorrow’s PRINT PLAY fashion spread that is also available at our Facebook page!


All new arrivals have already been stocked in at our retail racks so do head down for some retail therapy at KissJane, The Showcase and Miyoc if you haven’t for some weekend shopping! Don’t miss our launch this Sunday at 11am!



Turn It Up

If you’ve noticed, we’re increasing the number of designs launched each week so as to bring about a greater range of variety for our shoppers. This week’s launch, if anything, is more exciting than before. We’ve basically got you covered with 5 upcoming designs this week. The best part of all? All fully manufactured under our BRIDGE by FASHMOB line.

To cut to the chase, first up is our Canyon Off Shoulder Dress in Cerise, Teal Green and Monochrome! We had this set of palm leaf print specially printed on neoprene fabric and the results are just drop dead gorgeous. Palm leaf print is incomplete without a dash of green and white. I specially love the combination of Cerise (a darker shade of hot pink) with black cos the colour is so popping. And needless to say, monochrome always has a special place in our hearts.

Here’s our take on the dress in almost all 3 colours cos it’s just really too hard to resist. Both of us in size M. Colour for the green isn’t true at Shar’s pictures due to strong exposure from the sun.

253 2256255281280283


A simple cut jumpsuit is sometimes the key to looking minimalist chic and our Avenue Jumpsuit definitely made the cut! In shades of Cream, Blue and Black, this is the jumpsuit that you can choose to play up so many looks with the addition of accessories, outerwear or even the different footwear. Both of us in size M.


We’ve always love our flounce skirts at FM and our upcoming Denim Flounce Skirt in light wash and acid wash are given a modern yet edgy twist to the basic flounce skirt. We’re so loving the two different shades of denim of light and acid wash. Simple tops fare well with the skirt. While Shar chose to match it with a basic long sleeve cotton tee, I chose to match it with our upcoming Jacques Mesh Top in White. If you love the dress version of it previously, you can’t miss the top which will be available in 4 colours of White, Indigo Blue, Fuchsia and Black.


And here’s also Shar matching our upcoming Jacques Mesh Top in Black with our Star Crossed Maxi Skirt.


Last but not least, a side slit dipped hem top for you ladies. Think chic and edgy with this top that can be worn both tucked in or out. It’s meant to be worn slightly oversized, hence, the slightly bigger measurements. Both of us in M here. Look out for our Prologue Top coming up in 4 yummy shades of White, Tiffany, Lavender and Black.


And here’s some of my favourite shots from our TURN IT UP fashion spread. Do head over to our Facebook page for more sneaks.


Kindly also note that we will be away from 19th to 23rd Aug, hence all payments will have to be made by 2pm on Monday, 18th Aug for all orders to be mailed on Monday itself. Any other payments/emails/orders will be attended to when we return from 25th Aug onwards.

Don’t miss our launch later at 11am sharp! Have a fabulous Sunday with us ladies!



Uptown Girl

Starting this post with a much needed greeting!


It’s National Day week in our sunny island and we’re all welcoming the holiday! Despite the holiday, we’re back this week with a brand new launch: Uptown Girl

This launch very much summarises who and what we are. We’re doing lots of basics this week. Think stripes, lace, trumpet skirts; all given a style update and twist.

First up, our manufactured Hansel Striped Dress in Navy and Black! We’ve never felt so good in stripes and this is broad stripes we’re talking about. If you belong to the group that insists stripes are fat and non-flattering, just think again. We chose a particularly thick fabric to work with for this design and added inner lining to it despite the thickness of the fabric. All just so that the dress is thick enough to hold that body of ours in and the moment we tried it on, we were blown away. I’ve never felt so good in stripes and our Hansel Striped Dress just nailed it for us. Coupled with a scooped back design, what is there not to love really.

I chose to go full monochrome with the dress in Black. Black heels and black bag follows. In a size M.


Love how Shar threw on a long blazer over the dress in Navy and added the stylish and chic element to her overall look. It just shows that this dress is gorgeous on its own and with any other blazers or jackets. Shar in a size M too.


We’ve also decided to use the same striped fabric to churn out a basic top cos we really seek to maximise all fabric and designs. Love how our upcoming manufactured Hansel Striped Top in Navy and Black is so easy to wear and match with almost any bottom. It’s really a keeper for both dress and top. So happy that our friends shared our sentiments and kept both versions. Shar chose to wear her black version with our Distressed Boyfriend Jeans in Dark Wash. Both of us in size M.


I chose to go all nautical with the top in Navy over our upcoming manufactured Juliet Skirt in White. Our Juliet Skirt is also another design coming up tomorrow that we love so much. It’s the trumpet skirt with a twist by adding an additional flat in front with ruffle cascading down the side. So so gorgeous that we can just wear it out all the time.


Our Juliet Skirt will be coming up in our favourite colours of White, Indigo Blue and Black. Always loving our basic colours and Indigo Blue cos it’s the one colour that matches darn well with both white and black. Shar chose to do edgy girly by pairing our Off Shoulder Lace Top in White with the Indigo Blue, while I stuck to my basics with just a simple tee. Both in size M.


Shar also had on the Black version last week with our Leatherette Boxy Top in White!

230 A229 A230 B

For our shoppers who have been requesting for more work and longer dresses, our manufactured Raven Lace Dress in White and Black is for you. Putting on this dress makes me wish I was still back climbing the corporate ladder. The silhouette and cut of the dress is just superb and ultra flattering. All you need is just a pair of heels to complete the look. Wearing a size M here. If you find it too long, simply alter it to a shorter length cos it looks great that way too. More options available.


Full sneaks of our UPTOWN GIRL lookbook are up at our Facebook page. Head over if you haven’t for more. Meanwhile, here are some of my favourites. =)


We’ll also be releasing extras from backorders for our Selfridges Embellished Top and our Affinity Playsuit during the launch, so don’t miss these two really gorgeous designs again.

If you haven’t heard and have somehow missed our social media shout-outs, we’re bringing retail therapy closer to you ladies by having a new retail rack at MIYOC right in the heart of Orchard Road at Orchard Gateway #B2-37. We’ve stocked in not only designs from this week’s launch, but also upcoming unreleased manufactured designs that we will be launching in the next few weeks. Something that we have never done before. So do show us some love and head down to our retail rack at Orchard Gateway to get your hands on what’s coming up soon firsthand. Meanwhile, do continue to shop at our other two racks at KissJane @ Bugis Junction #03-13A and The Showcase @ Raffles Xchange #B1-57 for our usual weekly dose of new arrivals.

For more stories and lengthy reads, you can also head over to our personal dayre accounts for more updates. And yes, Shar actually updates her dayre over there. Lol.


See you girls at our launch tomorrow at 11am! ^_^



Summertime Chic

Two manufactured designs coming up this week! And although both designs are spotting leatherette fabrics, they are in actual fact two very different kinds of leather and designs.

First up, our Camille Leather Dress in Creme and Black! We haven’t had a manufactured skater dress design for a while already cos we’re still very much in love with our shift dresses. I came across this design and fell in love with the symmetrical paneling details at the top front and decided to tweak it a little in a skater dress form. Love how the paneling is actually quite flattering to wear, plus the premium leather is slightly thicker and slightly stretchable, so the fit is really thumbs up.


We’re wearing size M for the dress. Shar in the Creme and me in the Black.


If you remember our Leather Shift Dress from our previous launches, you’ll be glad to know that we’re having the same leatherette in a basic boxy top version this week! Mad love for boxy tops cos they’re so easy to wear no matter tucked in or out. Basics just never fails and our Leatherette Boxy Top in White, Pink and Black is sure to make your day too with its simplistic yet edgy and minimalist chic design.


Love the “creased-like” textured leather that is actually quite thin and slightly stretchable too. In size M and am also reposting my OOTD from last week when I paired the top in black with our Sydney Pleated Skorts in White which is currently on backorders in also Caramel and Black.

I12I14I15230 A229 AW16W1

We also have this really gorgeous floral silk wrap playsuit coming up in two fabulous colours! Our Hanami Playsuit in White Cream and White Black bases! Each colour is so different and so hard to pick our favourite! Both Val and Shar didn’t have to wear an extra inner piece when they wore the playsuits! Shar in size S!


Gorgeous photography from our Summertime Chic lookbook! ^_^


We’ve also opened backorders for our Sydney Pleated Skorts in White, Caramel and Black, Colosseum Monochrome Midi and Ebony Organza Dress in White and Black! All so chic, timeless and gorgeous pieces so don’t wait any longer and join backorders if you’ve missed out on them previously!

A retail surprise awaits you ladies next week as well which we will be revealing soon! So join us at our launch this Sunday at 11am first!



Summer Breeze

It’s another exciting week as we work round the clock to plan, shoot and launch this week’s new arrivals for you ladies. This collection is all about what we love for casual Summer wear. Think floral playsuits, lace blousons, pleated skorts and an intricate lace shrug. It’s all about cheating and looking relaxed and effortless chic this Summer when in actual fact, so much thought have gone into planning the ideal summer outfit.

We had lots of fun this week with our personal OOTDs. First up is our manufactured Santorini Playsuit in Orange Pink and Blue florals. Love that it looks like a baby doll dress when worn. Measurements run smaller than usual so if you’re advised to size up, unless you’re in between sizes and belong to the lower spectrum, then the usual sizing will fit you well. Shar wears M while I wear L. Our model, Val wears S. Shar brought it along for her trip to Bali and we’re also loving how well a knitted shrug goes with this playsuit as well.



#OOTDs #iwearfashmob


Another two designs up our Bridge label will be our Sonet Lace Blouson in White, Peach and Periwinkle Blue, and a super chic Sydney Pleated Skorts in White, Caramel, Indigo Blue and Black! We wanted pastel tones for the lace blouson cos summer just isn’t right without pastels. The lace details are so gorgeous, plus the eyelet trims adds on a tinge of edge at the sleeve hems too. Light chiffon is used with the body below the lace being fully lined. And the skorts are just superb and fast becoming our next worn-to-death bottom already. We wanted to do so many colours for this piece and had to settle for 4 of the best cos we’re just ecstatic that safari theme is back, hence the caramel colour. White with caramel (or sand as some of you call it) is just the best combination ever, and one of my favourites as well. I send my original piece which is a skirt in and we thought to tweak the inner lining into shorts so that we’ll get a good pair of high waist skorts instead. No regrets there. We wear size M for both the blouson and skorts.

Crochet lace blouseSKORTS

Another of our favourite coming up is our Jadore Lace Pullover in White, Cream and Black. This lovely shrug isn’t under our Bridge label, but it was specially modified and manufactured for us. I fell in love with the lace fabric when I first laid my eyes on it, and knew then that it’ll look awesome as a long sleeve shrug. Was so happy when the supplier agreed to modify it into what we wanted. And here’s to looking effortless chic and laid-back cool. The key is to wear it by letting it hang at the edges of your shoulders for the slouchy chic look.

We had so much fun putting these 3 designs together and separately that we ended up with so many OOTDs daily. Each of us almost worn out all colours of the skorts as well. Really shows how much we love it and how wearable it is!

211215216218221222BLOUSE 3BLOUSE 2162164


More pictures on our dayre accounts if you’re interested for more visuals and what we got up to. Hehe. Meanwhile, here’s our full fashion spread for our Summer Breeze collection. We had so much fun styling and shooting the outfits and we cannot be more thankful to everyone who played a part in this shoot, especially Val who was so game on for anything that was requested for her. Trust me when I say it isn’t easy walking on sand in heels and on slimy algae rocks, much less lie back on them. This girl really continues to amaze us each week and we really cannot be more thankful to have her with us.


We also want to share some other beautiful visuals from our bloggers around in their outfits from us!

Featuring blogger Valerie Wang in our clothing. All visuals courtesy of

The Collector’s Maxi

Ebony Organza Dress in White

Willow Tweed Skirt in Indigo Blue

Blogger Melody wearing Fash Mob in London in our Midnight Dress (on backorders) and Trafalgar Pants!


We will also be releasing extras from backorders for our Waldorf Top in White and Black; another basic that you won’t want to miss! New arrivals have already been flying off our retail racks at KissJane @ Bugis Junction #03-13A and The Showcase @ Raffles Xchange #B1-57 so do head down for more retail therapy!

Stay with us for our launch tomorrow at 11am! <3