Concrete Frontier

After a short hiatus, we’re back this week with our usual dose of new arrivals. We’re playing with layering and details this week. Timeless nautical stripes, ultra chic side slits, subtle crochet details with smart layering, handcrafted petals, etc.

Manhattan Maxi in White/Navy

In this spring’s favourite stripes, this maxi has everything to fall in love with. It’s a casual smart piece that can be worn on your weekends or holidays out and also when you want to be more dressed up by simply adding a belt and switching footwear. The side slits and fabulous cut make you feel like a million bucks when having it on. It’s so comfortable and wearable that it’s definitely going to stay through the seasons in your wardrobes.


This maxi was a definite favourite piece of all time for us. Shar in the White and I had on the Navy, both in size M.


Here’s also Bernice spotted in the maxi in White in size XS.


Gorgeous blogger Melody was also spotted rocking our Manhattan Maxi in White all the way in New York City. In a size XS as well.


Architect Playsuit in White/Black

This playsuit was carefully crafted for the perfect fit and layering. With a touch of crochet details at the shoulders and layered flaps at the bottom, this playsuit is perfect with a most flattering fit and premium fabric used. It’s perfect for the minimalist and stylish you who is looking for something chic, effortless and comfort with style. Discover the fabulous proportions that you’ve kept under wraps and feel like a superstar in it.


Shar and I both channeling different individual styles in our Architect Playsuit with the different footwear we had on. Both of us in size M.

Photo 20-5-15 12 38 51Photo 20-5-15 17 03 48AR1AR3AR2AR5AR6

Midtown Petals Top in White/Powder Blue/Black

Halter necklines are our favourite for its ultra flattering slimming cut. We added a touch of dreamy and softness to ours with delicately handcrafted petals details at the neckline. The result is something classy and elegant, nothing over the top. It’s subtle beauty lies in its wearability for your day-to-day outfits, no matter for work or play, worn tucked in with a high waist bottom or tucked out over a pair of skinny pants or shorts. Choose from three gorgeous shades that are too pretty to miss.


I went for semi formal and with our Midtown Top in White and our Maddie Chinos in Black (currently on backorder here) while Shar chose to go casual smart with the top in Powder Blue and our Albany Skorts in Dark Grey. Both of us in size M.

PT1PT2PT7PT5Photo 21-5-15 13 41 30

Our favourite girl Melody was also rocking our Midtown Petals Top in Black with our Albany Skorts in Light Grey during her NYC travelogue. Melody wears size XS for both items for reference. Pictures credit to


We will also be releasing restocks from backorders for our Encrusted Shift Dress in both White and Black. It’s an elegant bejewelled piece not to be missed.


New arrivals are all already stocked in at our retail racks with the exception of our Architect Playsuit which can only be found at The Showcase. Do head down for your regular dose of retail therapy with us and to try on the items for their fit and sizing.

It’s a Sunday to look forward to again with us. See you girls at the launch tomorrow, Sunday at 11am.



On Set II

Lots of basic wear this week and there’s nothing better than collecting more basics in that already bursting wardrobe of ours. We’re also dealing with sleek lines and cuts this week, plus a really gorgeous printed maxi dress that reminds us deeply of the sunsets in Venice. And to round up the collection, everybody’s favourite pair of skorts is back in a new fabric and improved cut. What’s there not to love now.

Chasing Dawn Maxi in Brown/Purple Pink

Chase the lights and dusk with us in our Chasing Dawn Maxi with the most gorgeous display of colours put together on this maxi number. We’re loving how the colours in each set seams effortlessly together with each other. Think soft and earthly morning rays with the Brown and gorgeous pink sunsets with the Purple Pink. We added a cross back design at the back for a tinge of edge and the results are just effortless chic and gorgeous.


Here’s Shar in the Purple Pink in size M.

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Harris Shoulder Flap Top in White/Black

An ultra chic textured top given an extra tinge of edge with the addition of flaps on the shoulders. Basic wear never looked more cool and minimalistic chic than this. We’re loving how it’s so easy to wear and is perfect for both work and play regardless of wearing it tucked in or out.


I chose to match the top in White with our upcoming Albany Skorts in Light Grey while Shar wore the top in Black. Both of us in size M.

AS2AS3AS4Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetPhoto 4-5-15 13 39 51Photo 4-5-15 20 20 32

Basic Slit Top in White/Dark Blue/Black

A basic sleeveless top with a stylist twist with a small slit at the front. We’ve had our shoppers requesting us to manufacture this piece when we first used our personal piece during our shoot last year and when we had some excess fabric, we thought why not. It’s something that is simple, fuss free and chic to wear. The slit is classy and not too big so there’s nothing to worry about overexposure.


Shar rocking our Basic Slit Top in Dark Blue (size M) with our Maddie Chinos in Black. If you haven’t gotten a chance to get your hands on our chinos, you can do so here.

Photo 8-5-15 13 41 47Photo 30-4-15 16 18 51Photo 30-4-15 16 18 23

Albany Skorts in Light Grey/Dark Grey

Everyone’s favourite Sydney Skorts is back this season in an all new fabric and an improved cut. We love the twill textured fabric of our Albany Pants so much that we decided to have the skorts made in this gorgeous fabric. The end results? Something minimalistic chic with the two shades of gorgeous grey and some preppy chic. We also added side pockets to the skorts this time round for something more fun. The cut is absolutely flattering and so easy to wear.


Our Albany Skorts is such a keeper that we kept it in both colours. Us both in the Dark Grey in size M here. I chose to wear it with our Journalist Shirt which we will be releasing extras from backorders while Shar wore it previously with our Concept Striped Top in White.

AS1Photo 28-4-15 18 51 36Photo 28-4-15 20 20 11Photo 29-4-15 12 55 49

We’ll also be releasing quite a number of extras from backorders for your following favourite designs.

Cameron Off Shoulder Top


Lapel Playsuit in White/Black


Oriental Lace Dress in White/Black


Journalist Shirt in White


New arrivals are also stocked in at all our retail racks at KissJane (Bugis & Citylink), Showcase (Raffles Xchange) and Miyoc (Orchard Gateway) so do head down for some retail therapy.

See you girls at the launch on Sunday at 11am.



On Set

It’s Sunday and it means time for new arrivals and our launch. This particular launch was one of our favourites for 2015. We played with a different studio setting that Shar came up with and the end results really exceeded our expectations. The upcoming designs in this collection are all to rave about. You’ll see flattering cuts and silhouettes, gorgeous lace details, this season’s pet stripes and basic wear to stay in your wardrobe.

Gretel Jumpsuit

We’re quite proud with ourselves on this one here. Best. Slimming. Jumpsuit. Ever. Period. The top portion is textured and provides some basic structure when worn. We made the front top flap functional so this jumpsuit actually looks like two pieces worn together. The cut is so fabulous with the smart waist cut-out which gives you the illusion of a smaller waist. Plus never ending legs, legs and legs. Everything is perfect with this piece.


We stick to the premium thick fabric for this jumpsuit for a good structure and form when worn. Both of us in size M.

Photo 29-4-15 15 17 31Photo 29-4-15 20 31 28Photo 29-4-15 15 13 36Photo 29-4-15 15 25 41JS1JS2JS3JS4

Edelweiss Lace Dress in White/Powder Blue/Black

Gorgeous lace details are always a hit to making a simple dress shine. Ours comes with serious workmanship going on in the paneling section that creates flattering and unique lines that makes this dress stands out from the crowd. We especially love the sheer panels below the shoulders. So chic, fun, flirty and subtle sexy. Best thing of all, it suits any occasion and event you head to.


This particular shade of powder blue is definitely different from the usual powder blue as it contains a slight tinge of greyish blue in it. There’s something very calm, dreamy and mystical about it that draws us to it and Shar looks particularly stunning in the blue. Both of us wearing size M while I prefer to stick to my classic blacks.

Photo 30-4-15 17 17 27Photo 2-5-15 18 38 58Photo 2-5-15 18 42 38Photo 2-5-15 18 46 03LBD1LBD2

Striped Shirt

This season, stripes come out in full force and everyone is warmly welcoming its presence in the fashion scene. Simply because stripes are basic prints that anyone can wear and they never go out of style. We give the classic shirt a makeover by having it in stripes this collection. You can never go wrong with a classic shirt and its versatility. With our striped shirt, you get more variety and more play when you style your outfits.


Shar matched hers with our Maddie Chinos as mentioned in our previous post while I wear mine with a pair of basic shorts. Both of us in size M for the shirt.

Photo 25-4-15 22 51 11Photo 23-4-15 12 00 59Photo 28-4-15 12 21 32STRIPESHIRT1

Concept Striped Top in White/Navy

You know you get a good basic top when it’s good to be worn on its own or when you need some layering underneath. An improved version of our previously launched Harris Textured Top but now in jersey stripes and a more flattering cut-in below the shoulders area. It’s so easy to wear with almost any bottom, no matter tucked in or out. And both colours are to-die-for cos they’re so different in their own ways. One is never enough for basics.


Shar went for some basic wear with the White and a pair of upcoming skorts while I opted to layer it underneath a long vest with our Norman Tailored Culottes. Both of us in size M for the top.

Photo 28-4-15 18 51 36Photo 28-4-15 18 55 35Photo 28-4-15 20 20 11Photo 29-4-15 12 55 49STRIPETOP1STRIPETOP3STRIPETOP4STRIPETOP2

More shots of us with our girl, Val in stripes. No qualms about being all in stripes at all. Lol.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

We will also be releasing extras from backorders for our Bijoux Dress and Maddie Shorts, so don’t miss any of the goodness at our launch at 11am.


Backorder is also available for our Maddie Chinos in Black. A good pair of pants is hard to come by, so don’t miss this tapered chinos too.




CHARMED II: The Basics Edition

We’re back to basics this week for all the staple wear you can have in your wardrobes and attention placed on impeccable cuts. It’s all about looking and bringing effortless style and minimalistic chic to your outfits with our upcoming designs. Being versatile is key and it’s all about personal style and how you would wear the pieces separately or even together.

Stellar Floral Dress in White/Navy

A simple sleeveless dress with a flare out skirting that anyone can wear. Made extra chic and beautiful with the gorgeous yet edgy geometric floral print on the fabric. It’s the dress that you can wear it for almost any occasion and dare to be adventurous with your footwear when wearing this dress. The extra tinge of edge from the print definitely allows you to do so.


Here’s both our takes on the dress in a different way rather. Both of us wearing size M.

Photo 22-4-15 13 17 15Photo 25-4-15 22 48 48Photo 25-4-15 22 49 53Processed with VSCOcam with q9 preset

Kidman Top in White/Midnight Blue/Black

All hail the new V-neck basic top that got the team falling in love with it. It’s exactly what we’re talking about when we meant effortless chic. Meant to be worn on a slightly loose fit, it’s perfect when worn with any bottom. And also perfect for both casual and formal wear. The fabric is extremely lightweight and airy when worn, making it great for wear in our local climate. Wear it tucked out with the back dipped hem over a pair of shorts or jeggings on your casual days out. Tuck it in with pants, chinos, skirts for a more polished and smart look. Works like a charm without a doubt.


We personally love our Kidman Top so much that we kept all three staple colours. Not much of a struggle there with this awesome top. Both of us in size M and I especially love it when matched with our upcoming Maddie Chinos in Navy which will be mentioned in a while.

TLM1TLM3TOP2TOP1TOP3Photo 25-4-15 22 53 1411190139_387787644738641_1299347165_nPhoto 19-4-15 18 48 25Photo 20-4-15 20 20 15Photo 25-4-15 22 55 24

Maddie Chinos in White/Red/Navy/Black

If you’ve been following us long enough, you would have known by now that over at FM, we view pants rather differently. We placed extra importance and pay extra attention in perfecting the cut. As the saying goes, a good pair of pants can bring you a long way and is always worth investing in. Using the same superb thick fabric from our previously launched Maddie Shorts, we decided to have a pair of chinos with a slim tapered cut. The results? Classic, casual smart, sleek, fun and effortless. It’s so easy to wear our Maddie Chinos cos no matter what top you pull over, it matches easily. Regardless of any top tucked in or out, printed or solid colours. Perfect for both work and play.


This pair of chinos got us in a dilemma with the gorgeous four wearable colours. We initially decided on two colours but unknowingly, we ended up with all four colours to keep. Personal favourites win at the end of the day and after all, they’re so easy to match and wear. Shar is a regular UK 8 and wearing size M. I’m a UK 10 for pants and wear size L for a more comfortable fit. For reference, our model above is 1.7m, small UK 8 for pants and wears size S. It really depends on how slim and fitting you wish to have the tapered leg of the pants fit you.

Photo 23-4-15 12 00 59Photo 25-4-15 22 51 44Photo 25-4-15 22 52 16Photo 23-4-15 17 33 01Photo 25-4-15 22 44 51Photo 25-4-15 22 47 49Photo 23-4-15 16 21 28CHINOS1CHINOS2CHINOS3TLM3TLM5

Here’s also sharing Bernice’s outfit in our Kidman Top in Black (size XS) and Maddie Chinos in Red (size S, for comfort).


New arrivals from this week’s launch are exclusively stocked in at The Showcase @ Raffles Xchange this week. So do head down to try on the fit and sizes if possible. Meanwhile we will also be releasing a couple extras from backorders items during the launch. Our Sorority Top in White, Punk It Dress and Harris Skorts in White and Black will be available in limited slots and sizes, so don’t miss them again. Alternatively, head over HERE for other restocked items from our backorders instead.

See you girls at our launch at 11am!




A brand new week means a brand new launch. Working with a new face also meant a different look and vibe to the upcoming designs in a great way.

We’re dealings with mainly basic cuts and staples here to stay for your wardrobes this week. A simple skater dress, a classic ribbed shift dress and a pleated midi skirt.

Wanderlust Dress

Our gorgeous wanderlust rose blooms print is back in a classy basic skater dress that anyone can wear. The cut-in details on top with the classic skater skirting makes the cut a very flattering one to wear. Coupled with the stunning print and thick neoprene fabric that gives the skirting some structure and flounce when worn. The end result is absolutely gorgeous.


It’s the dress that anyone can put on and look good in it. Here’s our ootds in it, wearing size M, along with Melody’s take on the dress in size XS.

W2W3Photo 18-4-15 12 47 10 amPhoto 18-4-15 16 51 47Photo 18-4-15 22 55 30Photo 18-4-15 22 52 45Photo 18-4-15 22 51 14

Photo credits to @melodyyap instagram


Hot from the oven, isĀ gorgeous model/blogger, Valerie Wang (@valerie_wang) looking so stunning inĀ our Wanderlust Dress in size XS.


Dakota Dress in White/Grey/Red/Black

We never let good details go to waste and hence, here’s our Dakota Dress making its appearance this week in the same ribbed fabric of the top version. Only it got better this week with a sleek and sophisticated minimalist shift cut and the addition of inner lining for a more flattering wear. It’s the dress that stays with you through seasons cos it’s so wearable and suitable for many occasions. Casual smart with loafers and pumps, checked. Dressed up with a necklace and heels, double checked. The small collar detail just adds on to the chic factor of this piece.


It was hard picking just one colour to wear out cos all four shades are just so gorgeous. Here’s me in the Grey and Shar in the Black. Wearing size L and size M respectively.


Travellers Midi

We can never get enough of a good midi skirt and one as gorgeous as the picturesque print of this is just plain irresistible. The beautiful print brings our minds on a wanderlust dream to the harboured travelogues we dream of. All you need is just a solid colour top to go with the vibrant print. With a beautiful pleated skirting and side pockets for a more casual smart look.


Shar and I had so much fun wearing this midi skirt out. If you’re a little undecided on what top to match it with, try our Dakota Top and Alexis Top as how we wore them. Both of us in size M.

CCM5CCM6CCM7CCM8Photo 17-4-15 19 32 09Photo 18-4-15 14 23 45Photo 18-4-15 14 25 06

We’ll be releasing extras from backorders for our Alexis Top in all colours at our launch tomorrow as well. So don’t give this favourite basic top of ours a miss.

Meanwhile, do take note of our Away Notice for the coming week.

Away notice 5

All new arrivals are readily available across all our retail racks at KissJane (Bugis and Citylink), Showcase (Raffles Xchange) and Miyoc (Orchard Gateway) so do head down for some retail therapy if you’re feeling up for it.

See you girls at our launch tomorrow at 11am!



Spring Palette

Different fabrics, textures, print and colours bring out a different best in you. Spring Palette comprises all of the different elements required in creating different additions to your wardrobes while we play with flattering silhouettes as well.

Dream Mirage Dress in Pink/Blue

One of our top pick from this collection with its versatility and elements. Gorgeous kaleidoscopic print in soft pastel tones coupled with a unique lace imprint embossed textured fabric; who would have thought that would work so finely together. A super chic faux two-piece dress that creates a mad flattering silhouette with a boxy top and A-line skirt put together in one pice. Subtle cut-out details at the waist that makes the waist appears slimmer and small; all hail to that. So simplistically chic and wearable.


Shar and I had so much joy and fun wearing our Dream Mirage Dress out. Simply cos it’s so easy to wear and mad flattering with our legs feeling extra long in it. Do pay close attention to the measurements for sizing. If you prefer a more fitted look, stick to your usual sizing. But if you prefer more room, opt for a size bigger. Our model wears size S for reference for a more comfortable sizing, while XS will be a very fitted look on her. Shar and I both wear size M.

PH1PH8PH9Photo 8-4-15 14 24 41Photo 8-4-15 14 24 00Photo 8-4-15 14 23 33

Our favourite blogger, Melody wearing our Dream Mirage Dress in Pink in size S for a more roomy fit.


Colour Me Shift Dress

This gorgeous fabric is too gorgeous to be missed and with its vibrant play of colours, a basic shift cut is all it needs to bring out the best of it. The basic shift cut is sleek, elegant, chic and sophisticated while the multi colour swirls on the neoprene fabric is all about vibrancy, fun and bringing out an upbeat mood.


You can never go wrong with a gorgeous basic cut and we’re both loving how you can go casual smart with this dress or all sleek and sophisticated. Both of us in size M.

CM1CM3CM4Photo 10-4-15 14 43 04

Gisele Maxi Skirt in Pink/Blue

We love a good flowy maxi skirt with a wide circle skirting that allows us to twirl around in all day long. Feel all breezy and light when the skirting catches some wind and strut down the streets in it like a supermodel with the skirt floating behind. The floral print is extremely gorgeous and timeless to wear, perfect for all spring and summer seasons.


A solid basic colour top is all you need to go with this gorgeous maxi. Here’s Shar and I both in size M for the maxi skirt in Pink and Blue respectively.

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Here’s also gorgeous blogger Tammy’s take of our Gisele Maxi Skirt in Blue, in size S.
Picture credits to

perthday1n2 (6 of 62)perthday1n2 (7 of 62)perthday1n2 (10 of 62)

All new arrivals are already available at all our retail racks so do head down to try them on if you’re unsure of the sizing or if you wish to get a better feel of the gorgeous fabrics. We will also be releasing extras from backorders for our Dakota Top in all four colours so if you didn’t manage to secure a piece or two via backorders then, you’ll get another chance in doing so at our launch tomorrow.

Same time, same place. Only with us.



Floral Fever

We’re back with our launches! Hope we’ve been missed during this period! =)

We’re doing Floral Fever this Sunday with three upcoming gorgeous designs. All fully manufactured under our in-house label, Bridge by Fash Mob. Spring/Summer is the best time for florals and it never goes wrong.

Gayle Symphony Dress in Mint

If you remember our Gayle Maxi Dress last year, it came in this super gorgeous floral fabric in soft hues. We love the print and fabric so much that we decided to bring it back in the form of this new dress. A short one since we had the maxi dress previously already. Decided to have this cold cut shoulder with flutter sleeves design that can be sweet, sexy and flirty all at once. Shoulder straps are adjustable and we added intricate lace details around the waist for a more special and also flattering look. It’s full love for the end results and you can pair it with different footwear for different looks. Comes only in pastel mint colour.


We’ve missed taking ootds in our own label and here’s Shar and I in size M for the dress.

Photo 4-4-15 13 43 40Photo 5-4-15 01 07 14Photo 5-4-15 01 07 56GAYLE2GAYLE1

Mercier Organza Midi in White/Navy

One of our favourite designs with a really unique and special floral printed organza fabric. In the form of a midi dress and looking all classy and chic with the sheer sweetheart bustier paneling details on top. It’s super gorgeous and so pretty to wear. We have it in two different base colours, White and Navy for the inner lining and it’s amazing how a different base underneath the same outer organza can look so different in their own ways.


Shar and I channeling two very different styles with the White and Navy respectively. Both of us in size M.

Photo 5-4-15 01 14 50Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetORGANZAMIDI2ORGANZAMIDI3ORGANZAMIDI5ORGANZAMIDI6

Lexi Top in Cool Mint/Pink/Blue

Basic wear are always on the top of our list for its versatility and being so wearable. A basic angular cut-in top with a small V-neck and a really gorgeous floral embossed texture fabric for something a little special and different. The cut is awesome and fits like a tee at all the right places with our Lexi Top. You can wear it both tucked in or out for different looks and both way work well with any bottoms put together. Sizing runs small for this design and as fabric is not stretchable, we will recommend to go for one size up when carting out this item.


Shar and I both wearing size L for the top. Had to size up from our usual size M and I chose to pair it with my worn-to-death Albany Pants which is currently on backorders as well.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset MINT TOP 3 SD1

New arrivals have all been stocked in at our retail racks at KissJane (Bugis & Citylink), Showcase (Raffles Xchange) and Miyoc (Orchard Gateway), with the exception of our Lexi Top that is only available at both KissJane outlets. So do head down to browse and shop our upcoming new arrivals this weekend.

Here’s to restarting our engines for Sundays at 11am! Only with us ladies!



Spring Blooms

It’s mid week again and here we are at the final lap before we cross the CNY finishing line.

As the saying goes, we save the best for the last and you wouldn’t want to miss this collection no matter if you’re still looking for your ideal CNY outfit or unleashing the fashionista in you. Our designs always consist of classic and timeless elements, hence we’ve got your wardrobes covered and there’s no need to worry about anything going out of trend.

Approaching spring 15 means the start of the blooming seasonal change. We’re looking at the comeback of florals, gorgeous lace and crochets, and pastel rainbow tones. All in one collection for you ladies.

Prestige Maxi in Cream/Black

Go big and bold with this stunning and gorgeous floral maxi that has been stealing our hearts all left right and centre. The blooming prints are somehow in sync with the colours and make it surprisingly easy to wear and carry off. Throw away any upcoming inhibitions with this maxi and get set to call it and make it your own. We wanted something exquisite and different at the back so we went for a cross back detail and a subtle triangular peek at the lower back. Best part of all? We made it happen without the need to wear a nu bra. A strapless/tube/crossback bra will seal the trick. Convenient as that. Print placement at the top will be fixed, while print placement at the skirting and back will differ for every single piece. They’ll come real close to looking the same so no worries on that.


We’re so in love with this maxi that we’re keeping it in both colours cos they just exude different vibes and style for each colour. Shar wears size M while I wear size L as measurements run slightly smaller at the PTP. For reference, our model wears size S. Bernice and Audrey are both wearing size XS. (photos credit to their instagram)

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetCNYMAXI1CNYMAXI2CNYMAXI8CNYMAXI7

10986109_512914522182563_178512097_n 10995050_595931877217360_1970092798_n

Be My Valentine Dress in Cream/Wine/Midnight Blue

This dress is all about romantic lace and the classic timeless beauty. It’s the dress that fits like a glove and brings you to any events and purposes. The full lace ensemble is just romantic modern chic, sophisticated, elegant, sexy, flirty, fun, etc. It’s all elements fitting into one piece. The sheer sleeves and top paneling adds a tinge of edge and subtle sexiness to the dress. We further added a scooped back detail at the top to make it more modern and younger looking. The end result is just mind blowing.


It was so difficult to pick a colour to wear out and I finally decide on the wine to play up on the upcoming festive mood. Nothing beats a good rich shade of wine for class and elegance. Wearing size M for the dress. Do refer to official pictures for the actual shade of Wine.


Tulip Symphony Dress in Paddlepop/Rainbow
Tulip Symphony Top in Paddlepop/Rainbow

We all love a good tulip print. But on this exquisite and special lace crochet fabric and in pastel rainbow tones? Just the best combinations you can ever get. It’s all about getting ready for Spring/Summer after all the dark tones in Fall/Winter. The uneven hem design just nailed the overall look for us by adding a bit of edge to these two whimsical designs. Put them on and get set for a fabulous day ahead.


Sizing runs small for both designs so do size up if needed as the fabric is not stretchable as well. Shar wears size L for the dress while our model wears size S.


I’m wearing size L for the top while our model wears size S as well.


It’s our last launch for CNY so don’t miss these gorgeous designs that are coming up later on at Wednesday, 11am. New arrivals are already stocked in at The Showcase @ Raffles Xchange and Miyoc @ Orchard Gateway while they will be available at KissJane @ Bugis & Citylink from Wednesday evening onwards.


Have a blast with us this CNY ladies!


Reminiscing Times II

Hello weekend! And here we are inching closer to the day CNY arrives on us.

It’s all about prints with different textures this Sunday. Think abstract swirls on smooth and soft satin luxe. Florals on wool. Rainbow roses on crepe polyester blend. Our favourite elements are present in this collection. Edgy side slits, subtle back V and a small high neck collar detail.

Making Waves Maxi in Blue/Black

Do elegance with style this week with this gorgeous abstract printed swirls maxi dress of ours. Featuring a cut-in detail at the top and a full skirting below coupled with side slits. This is one maxi dress that will bring you to any occasions. Put on a pair of heels for a formal event and look all sophisticated and elegant. Or matched it with sandals or wedges for the casual smart look. The satin fabric is so smooth, soft and luxe that it plays up the expensive element of the dress. You’ll want to twirl all day in this maxi in no time.


Our Making Waves Maxi is one of our favourite maxi to-date. Don’t be afraid to put it on and own it cos the moment you do, you’ll marvel in how gorgeous the maxi is. Both of us in size M.

MAXIDRESS1MAXIDRESS2MAXIDRESS3MAXIDRESS4Photo 4-2-15 18 48 10Photo 5-2-15 12 00 35Photo 5-2-15 12 16 26Photo 5-2-15 12 49 58

Lucid Dream Dress in Wine/Navy

Classic shift numbers are made more interesting and edgy to wear with an added back V. It’s absolutely stunning with more character added into the dress. Do subtle sexiness and flirty chic with this piece and be awed by how gorgeous the florals are. It’s spring/summer perfect with the floral blooms and we love how effortless chic it is.


Shar rocking the wine with her patent loafers and street style. Love that it’s all about your own personal style. Shar wearing a size M and I wear size M as well for reference.

Photo 6-2-15 14 32 30Photo 6-2-15 14 32 58Photo 6-2-15 14 31 27

Colour Thy Roses Playsuit in Pink/Cool Mint
Colour Thy Roses Top in Pink/Cool Mint

Fancy rainbow roses and how luxe they are, you’ll love our Colour Thy Roses Playsuit. The rainbow roses prints are just drop dead gorgeous, no second thoughts about that. We fell so hopelessly in love with the fabric when we first picked it out and decided to have it this spring/summer so that it’ll be perfect for a more casual outfit for CNY or even for the days after. The cut is absolutely so fab that the moment you pulled it on, you’ll know this is it. We added our favourite small high collar detail for a tinge of edge and love how crazy chic it looks. Small side pockets just round up the favourite things we love to have in the clothes we wear. The gorgeous print are also available in a basic sleeveless top cos we really can’t let a good print go to waste with just one design. Add on another basic wear to your wardrobes this spring ladies. No regrets about it.


Fabric is not stretchable for this piece due to the crepe nature of it so do consider sizing up if you have to. I’m wearing size L for it while Shar will wear a size M for reference as she’s usually in between S and M. Our model is wearing size S for it as well.


Here’s also sharing an ootd from Shar in our mid week launched Collector’s Top in Red in case you’ve missed it on her instagram. In size M. It’s so perfect as a basic top to be worn either tucked in or out.

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This CNY, we’re also doing a giveaway to 3 lucky shoppers who spend a minimum of $100 in a single invoice. Be one of the 3 to walk away with a L’Oreal Paris Colour Rich hamper worth $80. All you have to do is to shop away with us. As easy as that.


This collection marks our second last launch for the upcoming CNY and we have one more to go on a weekday next week. So mark your calendars and set your alarms for this Sunday at 11am and next Wednesday at 11am.


See you girls at the launch!


Reminiscing Times I

Hello again mid-week!

Our Reminiscing Times series brought us out to the old streets of Penang for a mix of old and the modern. Perfect for the upcoming Chinese New Year where we do oriental with modern times. The first of our editorial series shows a range of baroque swirls, timeless embellishments, crochet textures and classic halter necklines. All top-notched and not to be missed this week.

Mayfair Baroque Dress in Red/Black

Welcome the all new baroque swirls on this gorgeous textured fabric. We love how gorgeous the print is and how it’s young and oriental at the same time. The flattering shift cut helps to make the dress extremely chic and classy to wear. It’s a fun print that wouldn’t go out of trend and is wearable through the seasons. The contesting colours helps to add vibrance to the dress.


This is one dress that we can really wear out any other day. You don’t have to wait for CNY to wear it or Red, plus monochrome is always a huge favourite every year. Both of us in size M.


Embellished Swing Dress in White/Red/Navy/Black

One of our favourites for this upcoming Valentines and CNY. And also a top favourite amongst the bloggers, you’ll see why later on and on our instagram @fashmob. Bejewelled embellishments around the neckline brightening up a classic flattering halter piece. You don’t need any necklace to go along with it. Let the embellishments steal the highlight of the show. Choose to wear it with or without a belt for different looks. Versatility is key here and we love the different styles you can play with for this dress.


Here’s how some of our favourite bloggers/instagrammers style their piece and look out for more to come from your other favourite bloggers.

Coincidentally these gorgeous girls posted their ootds in the White.

@ohsofickle in size M


@lianmeiting in size S


@audreyxaudrey in size XS


Stunning Melody (@melodyyap) painting the whole town Red in her piece, wearing size XS. More pictures to come on her IG as well.


Here’s also my take on the Navy. Chose to pair it with a belt for a more sleek and slimmer look. Wearing size M.


Tinsel Dress in White/Oxblood/Black

A premium luxe full crochet piece that reminds us of fairies and tinkerbell if you let your imagination run wild. Extremely high street chic and flattering to wear with the flare skirting and the subtle mesh bustier paneling top. The exquisite uneven hemline of the skirt nailed it for us and made us fall hopelessly in love with it. You’ll start twirling even before you’re aware of doing it. Guilty as charged.


I chose to go with the White for something more classic while Shar loves the Oxblood and called it her favourite. Both of us in size M. Do refer to official pictures for the actual shade of the Oxblood.


Collector’s Top in White/Red/Black

Our favourite basic halter neck top is back in the form of solid colours this season. You can never have enough of basics and with such a flattering halter neckline, the return of our Collector’s Top in solid colours is just a keeper. Wear it tucked in or out for different looks. What we especially love is the longer back hem and the half slit running down the back. So chic and edgy. We approve.


Backorders have also been opened for our Maddie Shorts in White/Navy/Black, Encrusted Shift Dress in Black, Bijoux Dress and Lunar Crochet Dress in Oxblood/Navy. All classic and timeless pieces that are worth your wait. They’re perfect for your casual days out, to the workplace and also for the formal function you’ve to attend.


All new arrivals are available at all our retail racks so do head down to try them for the sizing and cut before stocks run out. Here’s also a reminder to opt for registered postage this festive peak season. Shop at ease knowing where your parcels are.

We’ll see you girls at our launch at 11am.
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