Spring’s Palette: BTS!

We’re back after a good CNY break! In case you’re wondering, we’re still alive and have just been away to Korea during CNY, plus we’ve been doing lots of planning for FM for 2014. Bigger plans with bigger ideas to bring FM to a whole new level for you ladies!

We have also jumped on the wagon of blogging on the move with our new-but-not-so-new dayre accounts. You can read more about our daily escapades in Korea for a full 11 to 12 days if you want to know more about where we went. And yes, Shar actually does update once in a while, although the key words are “once in a while”. HA.

Or just search for rachrx and eshuxia in dayre.

Anyway, we FINALLY had a shoot with out dearest Apple and KY after the long cny break. Missed them lots lots. Shoot was terribly hot, hot and HOT. The sun was so glaring and painful that Apple couldn’t even open her eyes properly throughout the whole shoot, lucky we have shades! Despite the heat and sun, the winds were blowing damn strong which resulted in a lot of flying skirts and hair! I’m just torn between laughing and crying throughout. Really felt so thankful towards the girls when the shoot ended. Always no grouches or complaints and just staying through with us with all the gossiping and laughter. =)

A manufactured Polka Dot Trumpet Skirt for you ladies this week!

In two colours of White base with black dots and Black base with white dots! I love how the polka dots add on to the fun factor for the skirt, plus it’s so flattering to wear in our favourite mermaid skirt cut! Kept both colours ourselves cos they’re actually quite different on their own!

Here’s Shar’s take on the White, in size M when we went to Common Man Coffee Roaster for brunch recently! Fits her perfectly for a regular UK 8! A simple basic top will do! More pictures and food on her dayre and instagram (@eshuxia)!


I wore the Black version out and decided to experiment it with our upcoming Organza Striped Top in White! Wearing a size M here! I’m a UK 8/10 and realized that I can wear both M and L afterwards. M will be more fitting at the hips which gives the mermaid end of the skirt more focus while L will have more comfortable allowance at the hips, resulting in a more A-line cut! I have really huge hips so personally I would prefer the L over the M! Hope this helps you decide on the sizing better! The Organza top is just love at first sight too! Have never realized how well organza goes together with stripes and this is one basic yet chic top that you don’t want to miss!


Another #ootd shot here of me in another one of our upcoming pieces when we met up with my gals at The Loft Cafe! A floral neoprene top! Love the vibrant colours and the textured fabric! Coming up in the launch later today in Pink and Blue! Here’s me in the Blue! More pictures on the outfit and The Loft Cafe at dayre ¬†and instagram (@rachrx) too!


Some pictures behind the scenes! I totally forgot to whip out my camera for the polka dot skirts until the 3rd outfit. Oops. Hee. And here’s how strong the winds were.


Loving how versatile this crochet top is!


One of my favourite series behind the shots I took here.


In between outfit changes and out of those tall heels. Yes, models wear slippers just like us too. Hahaha.


Another set of photos I love here. A caught-in-the-act moment.


And here’s the official fashion spread that we have up at our facebook page! We have so many friends telling us how much they love this set of photographs! We hope you do too!


On top of these, we also have some statement pieces launching too. Really gorgeous necklaces here!

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This Sunday at 11 am sharp! Don’t miss our new arrivals!